Student Affairs Letter

Dear Students and Families:

We are so pleased to welcome you to the University of Colorado Boulder. We hope your first days and weeks here go as smoothly as possible, and that you are able to quickly navigate your way around campus.

Orientation is one way you can learn more about what to expect. In addition to serving as an introduction to many of the opportunities and resources available on our vibrant campus, orientation is an introduction to the requirements you’ll need to register for classes, pursue your degree, and understand the code of conduct expected of you as a member of our CU community. This is a great opportunity for students to meet classmates, and make some new friends right away.

So that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity, the programming provided during orientation is required of all incoming students, and students must complete orientation before they become eligible to enroll in classes or to remain enrolled in classes for which they have already registered.

Parents, there is also a full orientation program for you. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that parents and other interested family members attend. There is a wealth of information available for you, too. Then, if your student should have any problems or concerns while at the university, you’ll have a better idea how you can help.

Welcome to orientation, and welcome to CU!


Deb Coffin
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs