Transgender Students Attending Orientation

Students may prefer to use a name other than their legal name during orientation or may prefer to specify a gender pronoun different than the gender at the time of application.  Though orientation records are based on the student’s legal name and legal gender, our staff is happy to assist students in using their preferred name and pronoun whenever possible.  Below are the most common situations where name and gender would be relevant at orientation: 

  • Orientation name badge
  • Orientation overnight housing
  • Academic Advising
  • The registration system
  • Campus email

1) Orientation will assist in asking that your preferred name be added to the campus registration system in addition to your legal name.  Professors are asked to use preferred names.  The university must use your legal name and your legal gender until you have it legally changed.  What this means in practice is that you can have a preferred name listed, but, in some cases people may inadvertently use the wrong name because they are consulting the legal name.  There are also times when you may have to clarify that your legal name is different from your preferred name.

Orientation will make certain your name badge reflects your preferred name, and will notify your academic advisor of your preferred name and pronoun. 

2) Students are encouraged to review the following website--there are many useful tips and resources for trans-students on campus:

3)  You'll need to follow the instructions on the above website to get your campus email address configured so your preferred name is what is used.  Specific page is here:

4) Orientation overnight housing:

Typically students will be assigned a roommate for their overnight stay during Orientation. However, if you did not indicate a gender on your Admissions application (see above), you will receive a phone call prior to Orientation asking what type of room accommodation that you would prefer. You may choose a single or to be with a roommate, and if with a roommate which gender they should be.  If you have concerns about your housing accommodations, please contact Maria Spoon at 303 735-1562 or

5) Here is a listing of inclusive restroom facilities on the CU Boulder campus:

6) Here is the website for the GLBTQ Resource Center.