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Welcome to the University of Colorado Boulder!

CU-Boulder is one of the world's top universities, and we are glad you are joining our outstanding student body.

January 2015 Orientation, Advising and Registration Program Dates for

First-year international undergraduate students: January 4-7

Transfer international undergraduate students: January 4-8 (Jan 7 is a free day)

All other first-year students: January 7

All other transfer students: January 8

New students summer/fall 2015 dates: Coming Soon

(Reservations will open March 2015)

CU-Boulder supports students in conversations on race, climate and identity.


All incoming undergraduate students are required to attend all meetings during orientation.

Students who fail to meet their orientation obligations or miss required programming may end up in late registration or lose their registration eligibility. More »

Students are also expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Students violating this code risk sanctions, including potential revocation of their admission.